آرشيو آگوست 2017 - کاتب | مقالات اختصاصی


آگوست 2017 - کاتب | مقالات اختصاصی

Times have evolved and so is the music business. These days the music is becoming much more than a passion for music fans and DJs across the world. When you are a DJ, you are involved in a profession or hobby that is filled with a lot of excitement. DJs are constantly bombarded by revolutionary MIDI controllers, recording software programs, multi-track recorders and laptops.

A DJs set up is certainly incomplete if the right gear is not available to support all of the extra devices, which including having a sturdy DJ laptop stand. The market is filled with many designs to cater for personal and profession needs. Opt for a portable, lightweight, flexible and sturdy stand to get optimum results.

The laptop stand is actually a computer elevation station for DJs, so its value can not be overlooked if you want to have full effect and total control of your music system. Whether it is for professional or personal purposes, you will recognize the high-quality of the product as well as its benefits.

The necessities of every DJ will certainly be different, so this has to be taken into consideration when deciding on the best DJ laptop stands. Probably the most important factors to consider when shopping for one of these stands would be the:

Weight: It's essential to know the weight of this stand because this will give you a good idea about the load that will be added to your bag. Given that this equipment is transportable, you want to know that it suits your requirements.

Adjustability: You want to know whether or not the stand can support a variety of placements and configurations, as this will determine its flexibility.

Set-up: This must be able to set-up and configure easily with absolutely no external support.

Stability: It is important for this laptop stand to be built from sturdy materials that will allow it to stand up to vibrations brought on by button smashing as well as the vibrations from the music.


این مطلب از وب سایت آپ موزیک رپورتاژ گردید و صرفا جهت اطلاع شما از این آهنگ می باشد…

دانلود آهنگ تیتراژ برنامه باغ ملی بهنام بانی

♪ آهنگ فوق العاده زیبا و شنیدنی از برنامه باغ ملی شبکه یک با صدای بهنام بانی

Download New Track By : Behnam Bani – Bagh Melli Text And Direct Links In UpMusic

behnam bani دانلود آهنگ تیتراژ برنامه باغ ملی بهنام بانی

متن آهنگ باغ ملی بهنام بانی

♪♪ دو سه روزه دلم یه حال خوبی داره ♪♪
♪♪ تورو دیدن چقد رو من اثر میذاره♪

♪♪ I have a nice goodness two days ago on Tuesday ♪♪
♪♪ I saw you, I got the effect. ♪

♪♪ دو سه روزه عجیب چشام ♪♪
♪♪ همش دنبال توئه کاره توئه ♪♪

♪♪ Two-three-day dazzling eyes ♪♪
♪♪ they’re all looking for you. ♪♪

♪♪ دو سه روزه بهت حواسم هرجا پرته ♪♪
♪♪ دو سه روزه عجیبه دلم هواتو کرده ♪♪

♪♪ Two-three-day idol I senses wherever the penetration ♪♪
♪♪ two-three-day aj, my heart is HuoTo ♪♪

♪♪ داره تو قلب من چی میشه ♪♪
♪♪ اینا کاره توئه کاره توئه ♪♪

♪♪ you’re in my heart fountain ♪♪
♪♪ it’s your job ♪♪

♪♪ وای دل بی قرارم دیگه دل ندارم ♪♪
♪♪ دیگه تا کی باید این عشقو به روم نیارم♪♪

Oh my heart, except you, ♪♪
♪♪ in the sky, you’re a star, ♪♪

وای دل بی قرارم کیو جز تو دارم ♪♪
♪♪ توی آسمون دنیام تویی تک ستارم ♪♪

♪♪ Oh, I’m not happy with the heart, ♪♪
♪♪, so long as I do not need this love, ♪♪

♪♪ وای دل بی قرارم دیگه دل ندارم ♪♪
♪♪ دیگه تا کی باید این عشقو به روم نیارم ♪♪

♪♪ وای دل بی قرارم کیو جز تو دارم ♪♪
♪♪ توی آسمون دنیام تویی تک ستارم ♪♪

♪♪ دل و دلدار تویی غم و غمخوار منم ♪♪
♪♪ به خدا یار تویی دل بیمار منم ♪♪

♪♪ دل و دلدار تویی غم و غمخوار منم ♪♪
♪♪ به خدا یار تویی دل بیمار منم ♪♪

♪♪ وای دل بی قرارم دیگه دل ندارم ♪♪
♪♪ دیگه تا کی باید این عشقو به روم نیارم ♪♪

♪♪ وای دل بی قرارم کیو جز تو دارم ♪♪
♪♪ توی آسمون دنیام تویی تک ستارم ♪♪

♪♪ وای دل بی قرارم دیگه دل ندارم ♪♪
♪♪ دیگه تا کی باید این عشقو به روم نیارم ♪♪

♪♪ وای دل بی قرارم کیو جز تو دارم ♪♪
♪♪ توی آسمون دنیام تویی تک ستارم ♪♪

آهنگ برنامه باغ ملی بهنام بانی

برای دانلود بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید : دانلود آهنگ تیتراژ برنامه باغ ملی بهنام بانی

Eliminate Interior Home Disasters ۹ شهریور ۱۳۹۶

Hello and welcome to my design thoughts.

With thousands of websites, articles, newsletters and blogs on interior design, is it any wonder home design is confusing? As an artist and designer, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of fabulous information available for the curious and motivated homeowner. And Free to boot!

Keeping it simple is a little more difficult. I have visited many "designers" client homes, just to see the designers particular brand or style stamped all over the place. How do we keep our homes in the realm of our own personalities?

When you are searching for a design and or designer, first look at their product. Talk to past clients. Visualize the designers work in your private space. Does it work? Or could you have done a better job on your own and a whole lot less expensive?

I have designed many different styles. Each as individual as the client themselves. How is this done? First, you have to do the homework. A client who states: Do whatever you like, I trust you and I will be back from Bermuda in six weeks "might be a client I may choose to steer clear of.

I will not brand my personal style on a clients home. Your home should and must reflect your personality and uniqueness. With excitement and motivation, create something totally yours, you can learn how to build a really stunning environment all your own.

Magazines, websites other design information can be your very best friend. You have done it before, I just can see both of us searching magazines, ripping out the cool stuff and making piles … This is your start to discovering your personal style.

Build a book on these pictures. Study each picture. Circle the idea or picture which done your eye. Put you piles of pictures in categories. Ie living, bath, family, kitchen. Then go back and cull out the pictures which may not be as appealing. Only keep the very best. You will ever discover what you love, whether in color, shape, size or style name. My personal style is called European Recycled … No joke.

Keep your first trial and run simple. Paint is the least expensive re-do and has an amazing impact. A fresh coat of paint is magic. Interior design can be a simple act of re-arranging or de-cluttering.

Find your magic. Love where you live. Make it a peaceful and creative environment all your own.

SK Sartell


There are four tendencies to drive the electronic products in the year of 2011, namely the improvement of energy efficiency, personalized medical care, the comfortable and safe movable device and the safe applications with low power consumption.

Every tendency needs some new technology. Although these technologies are on the different developing stage, they all devotes to reforming all the applications in people’s daily life. Especially the application of NFC technology will change the cell phone into electric wallet. Nokia has declaimed that the new releasing cell phone will contain the NFC function in 2011. The high-performance frequency technology is another increasing field. The development of wireless base station makes the data transmitted by the wireless connected terminal more and more. What is more, the IC drive used in the fluorescent lamp will also increase in the year of 2011.

The largest challenge comes from two aspects, one is the supply source, and the other is increasing potential of the new emerging market. Although the integration has not happened between the related industries, companies are trying to be complementary with each other, thus their income will increase, and their customers will get better solution. Besides, a flexible and competitive supply chain is very important to meet the demand of customers. Although the platform of technology can be gained by the outsourcing, the engineer needs the proper techniques process which is able to provide the advantage and leading technologies.

It is predicated that the growth of the electronic products will be stable in 2011. The entire industry’s growth rate will be between six percent and eight percent, and the high performance mixed signal will be higher than others. Meanwhile, the new business strategy and design will help the high performance mixed signal market more prosperous. The related integrated circuit of the electronic products is 02087MXP.


این مطلب از وب سایت آپ موزیک رپورتاژ گردید و صرفا جهت اطلاع شما از این آهنگ می باشد…

دانلود آهنگ جدید شهاب مظفری معذرت

همین حالا دانلود کنید و گوش دهید به آهنگ زیبای شهاب مظفری بنام معذرت با لینک مستقیم ♪

شعر : نازنین مشرفی / تنظیم کننده : سعید شمس

Download New Track By : Shahab Mozaffari | Mazerat With Text And Direct Links In UpMusic

Mazerat دانلود آهنگ جدید شهاب مظفری معذرت

متن آهنگ معذرت شهاب مظفری

معذرت اگه کمم واسه دلت نگفتم حرفامو بهت گذاشتم عاشقم بشی
شدم تمام عامل سرگیجه های دائمت نفهمیدی که عشق من تو زندگیت مزاحمه
معذرت اگه داد میزدم سرت اگه چشمات همش تره ♪
اگه بعد از این بازیا میگفتم بار آخره شکستنت جلو چشام منو از رو نمیبره دروغام میشد باورت ♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
منو ببخش ♪
معذرت اگه مجبور شدی بری حق داری هرچی که بگی کاری کردم که دائما بگی لعنت به زندگیم
ترسیدم خیانت کنم بهت از روی بچگی ♪
معذرت واسه قرصای هر شبت که هرکدومشم کمه واسه آروم گرفتنت ♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
میدونم هرچی میکشی همش به خاطر منه پشیمونم ببین منو معذرت تنها حرفمه
شهاب مظفری معذرت ♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
معذرت واسه اون همه خاطره که کرده بازی با دلت♪
معذرت اگه همش مرددم گفته بودم که قید احساسمو دیگه زدم♪
تو لیقاتت این نبود نمیدونستی من بدم هی بهونه کردم چطور دیگه جوابتو ندم
منو ببخش ♪
معذرت اگه مجبور شدی بری حق داری هرچی که بگی کاری کردم که دائما بگی لعنت به زندگیم ♪♪♫♫♪♪♯
ترسیدم خیانت کنم بهت از روی بچگی♪
معذرت واسه قرصای هر شبت که هرکدومشم کمه واسه آروم گرفتنت♪
میدونم هرچی میکشی همش به خاطر منه پشیمونم ببین منو معذرت تنها حرفمه


شهاب مظفری معذرت

برای دانلود بر روی لینک روبرو کلیک کنید : دانلود آهنگ جدید شهاب مظفری معذرت

Small Town vs. Big City Life ۹ شهریور ۱۳۹۶

It’s a small world. I’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks and everywhere I go I meet people from Texas. Earth, Shamrock, Farwell, Littlefield. You are everywhere. When people ask me where I am from there are two responses. The first response is curiosity. That response is from people who have never been to West Texas. They wonder about my transition from big city life to small town life.

One woman described her daily 55 mile commute from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. For two years she drove an additional 20 miles to complete graduate school. On top of that she has a husband and two small children who require her attention. I remember those days. I commuted to work, class, and an internship while I was in graduate school in Philadelphia. Thousands of other people in the area drove from place to place. The travel seemed endless and the traffic was awful.

When I moved to upstate New York to work on my doctorate, I was conscious of how much stress I would leave behind. The simple life was very appealing. After I finished my studies I stayed for a while and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Going back to visit the city meant traffic, crowds, and unpredictable daily interactions. When I lived there I didn’t notice any of those things.

The second reaction I get when people ask me where I live is complete understanding. These people usually tell me that they are from somewhere close by. Often, they have moved elsewhere and returned to their West Texas towns. A judge from one small town described his commute. Ten minutes after he finishes tying his tie, he is on the bench hearing his first case. He and his wife raised three children in his town and are happy to stay there.

I believe that the flashiness and excitement of city life is fiction. In movies and television, people live fabulous lives and are always in the middle of an adventure. The daily grind is never depicted in an honest way. We see huge apartments, glamorous work, and beautiful people. In reality, there is more happening in the city, good and bad. There are more people, good and bad. The frequency of good and bad days is about the same. Is it exciting? Yes, there is constant activity. The rest is Hollywood fantasy. The police don’t look like Will Smith and the waitresses don’t look like Jennifer Aniston. It would be nice though!

One of the benefits of being a student at Wayland is the option to take classes at the external campuses. There are campuses in large cities like Phoenix, San Antonio, and Albuquerque where students can experience a change of atmosphere and see different lifestyles. The biggest difference is that those campuses cater to adult students. People with jobs, families, and other obligations take classes at night and on weekends. What we call “non-traditional” students are actually people who have interesting lives, maybe a few of them are even glamorous, but the priorities are the same. Getting an education and having a better life.

Now that I think of it there are fellow small town people who do not understand the appeal to people like me. They think it is too predictable and boring. They are realistic about the lack of opportunities in a closed community, but their ideas about bustling city life are usually based on television or movies. Their eyes glaze over and they ask why anyone would ever choose this over that. I would choose a TV life too, if I had a choice. Giant apartments, evening gowns, and exotic vacations are very attractive, that’s why we see them all the time! But people are people and I would choose small town people any time. In fact, I already have.


تصویر عکس پیکر بی سر شهید حججی

عکس و فیلم شهید حججی بی سر را در سایت نکس لود دانلود کنید و ببینید .

تصویر عکس پیکر بی سر شهید حججی

در ادامه مطلب عکس و فیلم رو قرار دادیم لطفا دکمه ادامه مطلب رو بزنید .


فیلم شهید محسن حججی بعد از تحویل

دقایقی پیش، پیکر مطهر شهید محسن حججی به معراج الشهدای شهر تدمر رسید و چند ساعت بعد به دمشق منتقل خواهد شد تا این پیکر مطهر به سمت کشورمان بیاید .


دلنوشته ای برای شهید محسن حججی

همه ایران، چشم به راه محسن؛ پس از انتشار خبر مبادله میان جبهه مقاومت و داعش در سوریه و تایید سید حسن نصرالله مبنی بر مبادله پیکر مطهر شهید محسن حججی، همه ملت ایران چشم انتظار رسیدن پیکر این شهید مدافع حرم است تا دوباره یاد این شهید بزرگوار زنده شود .

عکس بی سر محسن حججی

نوشته تصویر عکس پیکر بی سر شهید حججی + فیلم اولین بار در نکس لود پدیدار شد.

During the recession many families are re-thinking where they live and considering making a move, something they take very seriously, and cannot afford to make a mistake. But where do they move too? Where can they get all the information they need to make an informed decision? Well, boy have I got the perfect book to aid in this search:

“Places Rated Almanac; Your Guide to Finding the Best Places to Live in the United States and Canada” (Special Millennium Edition) by David Savageau with Ralph D’Agostino; IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., Foster City, CA; 2000.

This book is a wealth of information on places to live, listed are some 354 Metro Areas which are ranked by crime, weather, arts, recreation, sports teams, job base, education, transportation, energy, pollution, cost of living and health care considerations. There is so much data in this book you will be blown away, and it will make you consider things you may not have ever thought about before, such as the number of restaurants, churches, or parks. How about bike lanes, traffic times, yep, all listed.

How about good paying jobs? Cost of homes, rentals or business locations? Rainy days, sunny days, cloudy days, stormy days, well, it is all here in one giant almanac book and you can cross reference to your heart’s content. All the suburbs are listed and the driving times to town, as well as trains, buses, subways, light rail, airports, number of airlines, it’s a demographic dream come true, perfect for business or just plain deciding where to live and hang your hat, raise your family or retire to.


We first meet Nick Hawthorne in a Darwin bar. As a stripper offers contorted perspectives on what Australia has to offer, our hero from Maine meets a fellow countryman from Detroit intent on doing to Asia what America does to most places. (Personal opinions, eh?) Nick has some of those. He has a personal approach to life, but feels he gets little out of it, despite having achieved the status of being the first person principal character of Douglas Kennedy’s novel The Dead Heart.

Nick is a journalist who has only ever had bit jobs. They interested him bit, earned him a bit, stimulated somewhat less. Then he found a map of Australia and became so obsessed with the continent’s emptiness that he sold up and left the US to discover the unknown, to visit the unvisited. He is less than impressed with Darwin. It’s not a good start. But a VW camper van bought from a Jesus freak promises a great escape along the road to Broome. Not round the corner…

A hitcher called Angie provides welcome diversion from the repetition of the road. She seems easy-going, not to mention easy, and a little threatening. She is travelling for the first time, but exudes confidence. Nick, however, retains control. Or so he thinks…

Until he finds himself in Wollanup. It’s a town whose recent tragic history has removed it from the map. Nick has arrived at nowhere, the dead heart of a land. He is now unknown, has sex and beer on tap and an awful diet. A horror story haunted by powdered eggs…

Until Krystal starts to cook… His mechanical skills come into play. The rebuilt camper van is destroyed again. Its renewed mobility is a threat.

Events happen, like they do… Douglas Kennedy’s The Dead Heart evolves into a kind of fast-moving, page-turning thriller. But there are characters here. Something – not sure what! – seems almost credible. Nick is not the most likeable person, but this rather self-centred, thirty-odd, overweight hedonist does realise that there might be more to life than unlimited sex and beer on tap. He wants both, but clearly somewhere other than Wollanup.

What happens in The Dead Heart is crucial. It’s a plot-led work, but it is also engaging and well written. Its racy style fits the characters´ obvious preoccupations and helps to create a vivid portrait of lives that know only the here and now.

The Dead Heart is a book to be read in a single sitting. The process will leave readers wondering how they might have reacted in such circumstances. And what about Australia as depicted? Is this a stereotype? You bet…


دستگیری ممل لمینت شایعه + فیلم عکس زندان

ممل لمینت محمد قادری در اینستاگرام خود عکس دستگیری و پیگرد قانونی گذاشت در نکس لود بخوانید .

دستگیری ممل لمینت شایعه + فیلم عکس زندان

آیا ممل لمینت و دوست دخترش دستگیر بازداشت شده است ؟ ماجرای پیگرد قانونی در ادامه مطلب .


دستگیری ممل لمینت حقیقت دارد ؟

چندی پیش یک عکس در پروفایل این زوج معروف اینستاگرام منتشر شد و باعث تعجب طرفداران آنها شد . کته قابل توجه این است که پلیس فتا و یا دیگر نهادهای امنیتی هیچگاه دست به همچین اقدامی نمی زنند که با انتشار عکسی خبر دستگیری افراد مجرم را در فضای مجازی و در صفحه اینستاگرام شخصی افراد منتشر کنند .


افزایش فالور ممل لمینت

بعضی ها هم این کار ممل لمینت را برای جذب فالور درست کرده اند که این هم دور از ذهن نیست فتنه ای که این ۲ در اینستاگرام برپا کرده اند دامان همه را سوزانده است .

دستگیری ممل لمینت

نوشته دستگیری ممل لمینت شایعه + فیلم عکس زندان اولین بار در نکس لود پدیدار شد.

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